We all have a story...

and we want to hear yours, too.

When your body attacks itself...

The What

Our journey in life takes us many places, some incredible, some mundane, as well as through both the good moments and the not-so-good. When my life journey brought me the challenge of an auto-immune disorder attacking my skin as well as my joints, I had to do everything I could to fight back.

For me, eliminating as many unhealthy chemicals out of my life as I could...was a saving grace. Finding I could still have those special little luxuries and fun skin based products by hand making them, would not only make my skin feel sensational, but lessen the impact the auto-immune disorder has on my system...was a gift. Being able to now share it with others...is a blessing.

Learning about wide variety of potential natural components for each handmade soap or handmade skincare product, and choosing those ingredients with care gives me the opportunity to really consider what I'm putting on my skin and in my life. And subsequently what I'm offering for you!   

Let's take this life's journey together...I want to hear your story, too. Whether your challenge is great or small, a moment, or a constant. Start with something as simple as loving your skin again, and #rebootyourself today!

Salt and Butter Soap Kitchen Fall 2019 -

The Why

My daughters.  Simple as that.  

As a single mother for 13 years, I learned there is no example out there for my children that could be better than the example I have the opportunity to set for them to experience.  Some days it's incredibly hard to even get out of bed with the ups and downs of my auto-immune disorder.  Some days it's hard to focus.  But being their mom is my primary job AND joy in life...and being the best mom I can be.

I will never be perfect nor always have the right answer...but to offer them the lessons of grace, unconditional love, strength, courage, tenacity, forgiveness, stretching one's boundaries and paradigm, and just simply "doing it, even when it's hard" is something for which I will always strive.

Today's world is incredibly tech driven and isolating, even while it purports to reach out and embrace more.  I hope to encourage my girls to choose differently, to choose better.  To get back to basics, to choose the simple yet incredibly important things in life.  To "reboot themselves" from the inside out and be the voice of beauty and calm inside all the chaos.  It takes just one choice, just one moment, to plant a mustard seed.