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Thoughtfully chosen, our Triple Buttersilk soaps are 98% natural and chock full of the best oils and butters for your skin.  For my Java fiends....and I don't mean the computer language.  This one will wake you up in the best way.  The deep roasted scent of freshly brewed hot coffee, paired with a hint of Cacao to mellow it out makes for a spectacular shower.  Freshly ground Espresso adds caffeine to wake your skin up, creates a beautiful speckle and a hint of exfoliation, too.  Wakey-wakey!

Morning Joe


Due to the high content of natural ingredients over synthetic, handmade soaps have a tendency to "melt" when they are not allowed to dry completely between uses.  Use soap dishes with draining features in order to encourage your soap to dry.  For your convenience, Ctrl.Alt.Delete offers soap "lifts", as well as handmade wood soap decks.